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NBC Universal Careers

Future Leaders Programme (International)

Our Future Leaders Programme is a two-year program designed to foster and develop the talent and creativity of our employees at NBCUniversal. Aimed at individuals who are passionate about progressing their careers in the television business, our program selects the best talent and propels them toward manager level roles so they may drive the next wave of innovation and expansion at NBCUniversal.

Real Roles

Our participants experience four different roles over two years, exposing them to all three business units – Universal Networks International, International Television Distribution and International Television Production. They will be real roles, with tangible goals and objectives. Participants will be expected to deliver these goals and objectives, then share their learning with the other participants during and after each rotation. It will be challenging, but they will be supported by the placement manager and the Future Leader Programme Manager, as well as an individual coach throughout their time in the program.

Commercial Impact

Alongside the job rotations, participants will come together as a group to deliver a project. Again, like their job role, this project is real and intended to have true business impact. They will present their analysis and recommendations to a senior leadership panel.

Developing A Managerial Skill-Set

At the start of the programme, participants will work with a coach to create a personal development plan. One component of this plan will focus on training needs. Over the course of the two years, they will attend a number of training courses designed to develop their managerial skill-set. With their coach, they will take their learning from these courses and implement them into day-to-day activities.

Constructive Feedback

We believe that providing feedback is a powerful tool to successful development and growth. Throughout the programme, and more formally at the end of each rotation, the participants will have an opportunity to receive and share feedback from their experience in the role. With the help of their coaches, we expect them to use this feedback to improve their performances rotation by rotation.

We are not currently accepting applications for this program. Please check back at a later date for application instructions.