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Private Exchange Access To Be Offered To Select Key Clients Including Target

NEW YORK, September 29, 2014 - NBCUniversal today announced the launch of NBCUx, a comprehensive programmatic digital advertising sales offering devoted to increasing its clients’ opportunities using programmatic technology. NBCUx offers a combination of data-enabled targeting alongside NBCUniversal’s premium digital display, mobile and video content across its portfolio of Entertainment, News, Sports and Hispanic digital properties which reach over 100 million unique visitors.

Previously, NBCUniversal had just offered its digital display advertising inventory programmatically. With the launch of NBCUx, the company is adding its entire portfolio of digital video and mobile content year-round. There has been significant early interest from clients and, with select partners, the company has already conducted nearly 20% of its digital business programmatically. By combining content, context and data, NBCUx matches NBCUniversal's top-rated programming with relevant advertisements to increase audience engagement and value.

Target has been one of the first major brands to utilize NBCUx to drive reach and relevancy for its advertising.

"Programmatic is an increasingly important part of our portfolio offering and we’re excited with the early enthusiasm and results of NBCUx." said Krishan Bhatia, Executive Vice President, Digital Strategy & Operations, Advertising Sales, NBCUniversal. "We've been making significant investments in our technology and our teams to strengthen our programmatic capabilities. Offering clients the ability to easily combine our premium content across our entire portfolio, with data-enabled targeting, is something only NBCUniversal can deliver at such scale, creating unmatched value for our top-tier advertising partners."

"With NBCUx, Target can create a meaningful intersection between automated marketplaces and quality content to ensure we are reaching our guests on their terms and in environments that support our brand," said Kristi Argyilan, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Target. "The partnership between Target and NBCUx brings together two world-class content producers fueled by data and technology."

The programmatic access to NBCUniversal’s enormous digital display, mobile and video inventory is available to select clients through NBCUx as a complement to those clients' existing marketing initiatives across the company's portfolio. Clients also can create custom marketing programs that combine context and data that are targeted to specific NBCUniversal networks.

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