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A Prestigious Start

Day in the life of Faiven Feshazion

Production Assistant

Faiven Feshazion gives the inside scoop on the iconic NBCUniversal Page Program.

Faiven got her start as a member of the prestigious NBCUniversal Page Program, the same program where many industry leaders began their careers. The hands-on experience in a variety of television departments was very appealing to her, as was being able to join the ranks of the famous alumni who got a similar start.

I was selected for The TODAY Show! I called my parents right away to tell them! It was such a great feeling!


After an incredible eight months in NBCUniversal’s Page Program, I accepted a position as a Production Assistant at NBC Peacock Productions. My responsibilities on the show span across all areas of production, from pre-production logistics, field work, and post-production assignments. In fact, my first project at Peacock, a reality show, is set to air on USA Network later this year.

The Page Program helped make my transition to Production Assistant seamless. I learned so many aspects of television that I lean on to help me succeed in this competitive industry. From the fast pace of working in the live MSNBC control room, to learning the power of social media while writing for NBC digital platforms, my Page experience prepared me for the intensity and pressure that comes with creating content for the masses.

While a Page for The Dr. Oz Show, I learned how to handle scheduling, budgets, managing interns, and staging the set. Now at Peacock Productions my main collaboration is again with the Unit Production Manager; we are able to work efficiently as I apply everything I learned from my time at Dr. Oz.

The Page Program exposed me to an incredible variety of shows and their production styles. I don’t know of any other entry-level opportunity in the entertainment industry where someone can leave saying they have had experience working on entertainment, news, politics, live, pre-recorded, scripted, and non-scripted shows… and all in less than one year.

Thinking back to my initial Page Program interview, there is no way I would have thought that eight months later I would be an integral part of producing a network television show. I feel well prepared for what I am doing now, and am excited for all the amazing opportunities that are still coming my way, thanks to my start as an NBCUniversal Page.