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Employee Resource Groups

We support our exceptional employees’ professional and personal lives.

Abilities Network

The Abilities Network@NBCUniversal is an employee resource organization built to foster an environment that recruits, retains, develops, and connects the unique skills and attributes of those who have varied abilities.

The Abilities Network@NBCUniversal focuses on:

• Attracting professionals living with disabilities by building NBCUniversal's brand as an employer of choice for the people with disabilities (PWD) community.

• Creating unique and engaging experiences that will allow all employees to feel respected and valued through our varied abilities.

• Developing our members through increased exposure, leadership, and mentoring opportunities.

• Driving meaningful connections throughout NBCUniversal by helping the businesses reach our communities and empowering our employees to lead successful careers.

As with all employee resource groups, the Abilities Network@NBCUniversal is open to all employees. If you are interested in joining as a member of the PWD community, as an employee caring for a loved one with a disability, as an ally, or as someone interested in learning more - Abilities Network@NBCUniversal has a spot for you! 

To learn more or join, contact:

Visit us online at:


Other NBCUniversal Employee Resource Groups


Women’s Network@NBCUniversal

The Women's Network is a voluntary organization with the mission of fostering professional women's development to help grow, attract and retain successful women throughout NBCUniversal. Development is focused on leadership, advancement, and career-broadening opportunities through a variety of tools including information, education and networking with other women to learn best practices. Women’s Network@NBCUniversal is open to all employees!

Black Professional Alliance@NBCUniversal

BPA’s mission is to strengthen African American employees at NBCUniversal through professional development, career management, mentoring, exposure, and networking, which enable retention and growth. BPA also strengthens linkages within the African American community in neighborhoods where our employees live and work, enhancing NBCUniversal’s image as Employer of Choice. BPA is open to all employees!

Asian Pacific Americans@NBCUniversal

APA@NBCUniversal is a volunteer organization established to attract, promote, and retain Asian and Pacific Islander American talent at NBCUniversal. APA@NBCUniversal provides leadership, professional development, community outreach, cultural enrichment, and networking opportunities for its members. APA@NBCUniversal is open to all employees!

NBCUniversal Veteran’s Network

Veteran’s Network is a diverse group of volunteer employees from across NBCUniversal who are united in fellowship by a shared respect and commitment to the women and men who have proudly served and continue to serve in our nation’s armed forces. Veteran’s Network strive to foster a business culture that recognizes, supports, develops, and promotes the unique characteristics of veterans throughout all of NBCUniversal and our communities. Veteran’s Network is open to all employees!


OUT@NBCUniversal is a volunteer organization established to attract, develop, and retain Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Straight Ally employees and help our businesses effectively reach our community. OUT@NBCUniversal provides networking opportunities, learning & speaker series, access to senior leadership, and meaningful volunteer opportunities for its members. OUT@NBCUniversal is open to all employees!


Unidos@NBCUniversal serves as the premier resource for uniting, educating, and empowering accomplished and aspiring Hispanic professionals in a community experience that will assist in realizing professional goals. Unidos@NBCUniversal creates an environment in which the Hispanic culture is celebrated, shared, and embraced through professional development, volunteer opportunities, and cultural awareness. Unidos@NBCUniversal is open to all employees!