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NBC Universal Careers

Frequently Asked Questions

General Application Questions

Why NBCUniversal?

With our portfolio of companies and networks, there is something here for anyone looking to start a long and fulfilling career. We are much more than just TV production. We offer many business-oriented roles and exciting opportunities coast to coast. Research our company to find out all that we have to offer.

What is the company culture?

While our culture varies with every business role and division of the company, we all love what we do. NBCUniversal emphasizes teamwork because we believe that the talent, creativity and diversity our people represent are our greatest resources.

What positions are currently open at NBCUniversal?

We post and update new positions frequently online at Review our opportunities and submit your application and resume to those you’re interested in!

How do I apply for a job at NBCUniversal?

You will first need to create a job seeker account. You can do that from any job posting by clicking Apply To Job or by clicking the My Profile link in the footer. You will then be prompted to either log in or create a new account. Once logged in to your account, simply search based on your desired criteria. Then submit your application and resume to each job you’d like to apply for.

Do I need to create an account to browse openings?

No, candidates are able to view job openings without creating an account. However, you must create an account in order to submit an application.

What should I do if I’m interested in working for a particular cable network or television show within NBCUniversal?

When using the advanced search tool, you will be able to search by geography, network, show, and department.

Can I apply for more than one position within the company?

Yes. We encourage candidates to apply to all positions for which they are qualified and interested!

How will I know if my application has been reviewed?

You may check your application status online by clicking here and logging in.

How will I know if a position is filled?

Once a final candidate has been selected, an update will be sent via e-mail.

How can I apply if I require disability accommodation and am unable to apply online?

You can request an application by mail. Send your request to: 30 Rockefeller Plaza NBCUniversal Talent Acquisition New York, New York 10112.

What if I can’t find current job opportunities that match my search criteria?

Check back later. We’re always posting new opportunities.

Do I need work authorization?

Yes. While it’s at the discretion of each business to sponsor a candidate or not, due to the cost associated with the process is it unlikely that a department will sponsor a candidate in an entry-level role if equal talent can be found locally.

What is the interview process at NBCUniversal?

If your qualifications are a match and the role is still available, a phone interview with a recruiter will follow. If the recruiter finds that you are a promising candidate for a particular position, an in-person interview may be scheduled with the hiring manager. Following your face-to-face interview, HR or the recruiting team will keep you advised of any additional steps.

I am interested in the business side, not production. Is there a place for me at NBCUniversal?

Yes. If you’re interested in the business side of the industry, you’ll most likely find your niche here. We have corporate roles in: Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Business Development, Communications, Marking, Ad Sales, Legal, Public Relations and more.

Is it difficult to go from one NBCUniversal property to another?

No, we are particularly effective at offering sensible career advancement opportunities for our employees across all our business units.

What if I’m not sure what I want to do, but know that I want to work in TV?

Conduct research on our company to learn about the various industries and opportunities associated with the areas that interest you. The more you learn the more equipped you become to make the best decisions about your career.

Do I need a cover letter?

No. It is always helpful to have one, but your resume must also stand-alone.

Campus & Internship FAQs

Do internships and Campus2Career programs really provide relevant experience and open doors?

Absolutely! We hire and promote many former interns, pages and more.

What types of roles are available through internships and the Campus2Career center?

We recruit students interested in Human Resources, Marketing, Publicity/PR/Press/Communications, Journalism (Hard News & Entertainment), TV Production/Development, Film Production/Development, Photography, Graphic Design, Casting, Music Services, Sound, Legal Business, Development, Post-Production, Video Editing, Web Content Management, Ad Sales and more.

What qualifications do you look for in a candidate?

We seek people who are pursuing an associate, bachelors, or graduate degree at an accredited institution with a current class standing of sophomore or above (at least 30 credits) with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. Candidates must be 18 years of age or older, and must provide verification that you are enrolled in school and authorized to participate in an internship in the U.S.

What else do you look for in candidates?

We look for previous experience, involvement in school and extra-curricular activities, and interest in the entertainment industry.

How early should I start applying if I have not graduated yet?

We encourage you to start the process early. However, because entry-level positions tend to fill quickly. specific roles may no longer be available at the time of your graduation. Three months prior to graduation may be a good guideline.

What does the recruitment process look like?

Supervisors from various businesses at NBCUniversal request interns every semester. The Campus 2 Career center recruits individuals and presents candidates to the supervisors, who then decide who they would like to proceed with and make the final hiring decision.

Will you be visiting my college campus?

Take a look at the current schedule of campuses we will be visiting. We’ll also be at the following upcoming events. [link to schedule of campus visits]

What should I do in order to be interviewed on campus?

Contact your college career service center for all upcoming events so you know when NBCUniversal will be at your campus. Attend the events for a chance to meet Campus 2 Career representatives.

What should I do if NBCUniversal will not be visiting my campus?

Visit to explore internship opportunities and apply.

When do you offer internships during the school year?

Internships are offered for each semester: Fall (September – December), Spring (January – April) and Summer (May – August).

How long is the internship program and how is it structured?

The internship program runs congruently with a school’s semester calendar, so each internship is three or four months long. During that time, interns receive training, gain practical experience and receive exposure to industry leaders through our program events such as: Resume Facelift, Brand Yourself, Sync-In with LinkedIn, Professional Essentials, Career Café, Industry Insights with Senior Executives, and Networking Events.

Are internships at NBCUniversal paid?

Yes, starting in 2013, all of NBCUniversal’s internships are paid. The salary varies by department.

Where will internship opportunities be located?

Internships based on the East Coast are primarily located in New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut. West Coast Opportunities are located in Universal City and Burbank, CA.

Does NBCUniversal provide housing if I don’t live in any of these locations?

No, but we can connect you with other interns looking for housing.

Do students ever get hired after completing their programs with NBCUniversal?

Yes! It is not guaranteed, but many of our current employees started as interns.


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