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Boxing great Fernando Vargas keeps it all in the family with new mun2 reality show

Now that Duck Dynasty is imploding by the minute and viewers aren't Keeping Up With the Kardashians as much - season nine of E!'s reality juggernaut recently premiered to its lowest ratings ever - there's certainly room out there for another family to take over small screens.


With Welcome To Los Vargas, Hispanic cable network mun2 is hoping for a knockout with its new Sunday night show (9 p.m.), following the life of three-time world boxing champion Fernando Vargas as husband, father and gym owner. The Las Vegas-based series also features his wife of 20 years (si!) Martha, their four children and nosy father-in-law.


The 36-year-old patriarch, who is originally from California, was in Miami last week, and we got to chat about his brush with reality:


How do you enjoy working on "Welcome To Los Vargas?"


It has been an incredible experience for my family and me, but it has definitely been a lot of work, and we've had to get used to having cameras around at all times. One of the best things is that our family has a lot of fun and we really enjoy spending time together. Being able to capture the moments we have is priceless, I can't wait to look back at the footage in the future.


Are you a big fan of dramas like "The Cosby Show?" "The Osbournes?" or even "The Kardashians?"


I have watched a few but have not stuck to any one long term. Every time I would watch something like that, I’d say, 'Man, if the world would only see my family, they’d flip!'


How would you describe your parenting style?


I did not have a father growing up, so I always knew that the day I had children of my own, I would be everything I wanted to have. I do my best to be the best father I could be. I don't focus on being a friend - that comes naturally. My focus is on trying to guide them and support them in the best way possible.


How are all your children different?


All of my children have unique personalities. Fernando Jr., my oldest son, is a youth minister at church and does very well in school. Amado is athletic and by far the one that most resembles his father. Emiliano Jr. is our stylish one, whose motto is "dress for success" - he literally wears suits to school, he's too much! Then there's my princess, my 'china,' the light of my eyes.


The show covers painful topics: illness, marital discord and career disappointment. What can we expect from upcoming shows?


There will be a mixture of things; you will see the Vargas family unfiltered, through the good and the bad. Our reality show captured some very emotional and personal moments for our family. There were moments where we thought about turning the camera off, but if we did that, it wouldn't be reality, so we decided to share those moment in hopes to inspire others and let them know that difficult moments pass, and that if you have love and faith, you can get through anything. My wife and I have been together for 20 years, we've had our ups and downs, but we've made it through.

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