Project Engineer, USH Tech Services Ride/Show

The Project Engineer is responsible for the safe and efficient execution of critical Ride/Show systems upgrades on existing attractions, including specification, design, procurement, production, installation, and commissioning of ride and show controls systems. The Project Engineer provides technical guidance and vendor management on one or more projects within the Obsolescence program, including but not limited to Earthquake Controls, and Transformers Ride/Show Systems, and Revenge of the Mummy Ride/Show Systems.Responsibilities:Responsible for scope development, monitoring, and progress of design fabrication, installation, and testing by vendor for ride and show controls elements. Reviews and evaluates activities of vendor and sub-contractors on an ongoing basis with regard to product quality and compliance to specifications to ensure technical integrity and creative intent are met.Ensures all ride and show equipment maintains the highest level of safety in accordance with Universal Specifications, accepted manufacturing practices, and local standards.Provides technical guidance and vendor management of the design, fabrication, and day-to-day detailed installation, test and adjust, and validation activities in the field.Oversees all technical interaction with vendors, sub-contractors, and stakeholders involved with Ride/Show systems. Ensures all systems integrate to achieve intended design.Enforces ride and show technical and safety principles to provide a quality product and necessary deliverables. Supports and advises the Project Manager on how best to achieve this goal, and keeps Universal Parks and Resorts Core Engineering & Safety briefed on progress and issues. Advises, coordinates, and is accountable to the Project Manager regarding the status and engineering quality of Ride/Show systems including areas of risk or potential future risks.Understand and actively participate in Environmental, Health & Safety responsibilities by following established Universal policy, procedures, training, and team member involvement activities. Performs other duties as assigned.

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