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NBC Universal Careers

Unique Recruiters Hire Unique Talent

At NBCUniversal, we believe that the talent, creativity, and diversity of our people are our greatest resources (NBCUniversal Credo), so we’ve built a growing team to help identify and build the NBCUniversal of tomorrow.


In partnership with LinkedIn for the Talent Connect conference, we would like to showcase some of the many individuals within NBCUniversal’s Talent Acquisition team that provide a diverse repertoire of experiences. Our Talent Acquisition team is pipelining creative talent into our many portfolio properties, from development within Cable Entertainment to production within Film, and we’ve adopted the idea to hire Talent Acquisition professionals that can attract and recruit the unique talent needed to drive NBCUniversal towards competitive content. Our idea: we’re hiring unique Talent Acquisition talent to hire unique talent throughout our portfolio.


Leading our Talent Acquisition efforts is Michelle Hord-White, Vice President of Talent Acquisition and Campus Programs. Michelle, the former Director of Talent Recruitment and Development at ABC News, pivoted into recruitment from a seasoned career in television production at venues such as Good Morning America and CBS News. Her approach to talent recruitment and pipeline programming is distinct, and her “draw outside of the lines” approach to identifying potential talent is carried throughout the Talent Acquisition team. Hiring unique to hire unique allows recruitment professionals from various career paths, skill sets, and networks to attract talent with just as much variety.  Michelle recently did a live Twitter chat talking about this philosophy - check it out on our Twitter page here.  


We asked our Talent Acquisition team to share their stories via #ShareYourStory to learn about the pivotal moment that aided in their transition into talent recruitment. Like a puzzle, we learned that our team is built of unique experiences, skills, and personalities.


Kyle Skelly, Associate Recruiter, has extensive nonprofit experience connecting individuals with employment and educational services. Kyle credits the reward of supporting the community in finding their next career steps and the scale of corporate recruitment at NBCUniversal as motivators towards his transition into corporate recruitment. In addition to pipelining talent into his client businesses at NBCUniversal, he furthers his community involvement at NBCUniversal via supporting the Veterans Network and veteran recruitment initiatives.


Like Kyle, Jill Whitfield, Campus 2 Career Recruiter, had experience in recruitment, specifically promoting Disney’s internship program. Her career led her to digital marketing for celebrities, award shows, and live events, but she notes the ability to encourage personal and professional development as a key motivator to pivot her career towards talent recruitment.


Kyle and Jill both translated unique past experiences and personal values into a Talent Acquisition career at NBCUniversal, which is a theme that carries throughout the team. Alba Ramadani, Coordinator of Campus Programs, worked in marketing, public affairs, and education prior to her current role in NBCUniversal’s Campus 2 Career Internship Program. Jonathan Williams, Talent Acquisition Recruiter, began his career in HRIS and Benefits after notable success as an Olympian, and credits the consultative nature of recruitment as a key motivator towards specializing his career in Talent Acquisition. Victor Santos, Talent Acquisition Recruiter, had an extensive career in various industries prior to transitioning into NBCUniversal and Rachel Kafka, Talent Acquisition Recruiter, began her career in recruitment with complete curiosity for the specialty and has grown with the team ever since.


By hiring unique Talent Acquisition talent, NBCUniversal is able to hire unique, competitive, and game-changing talent throughout its various portfolio properties. With unique experiences, skills, languages, and networks, our Talent Acquisition team is able to attract, recruit, motivate, and excite potential NBCUniversal team members.

NBCUniversal is hiring unique to hire unique, but we want to know your story. What was the pivotal moment you had when transitioning your career? How do you stay competitive within your ever-changing industry? Share your story by tagging #ShareYourStory with us @WorkAtNBCU and @LinkedIn.