Field Operations Warehouse Engineer, NBC News (Group 5)

The Field Operations Warehouse department is charged with supporting NBC News and all its subsidiaries and digital properties, including MSNBC and NBC News Now, with remote broadcast capabilities to cover all major news events worldwide. The ideal candidate for this position must be able to work with a team or alone under extreme conditions and deadlines and deal with a flexible work schedule including holidays, weekends, evenings, and overtime. Candidate must be available for overnight and/or overseas travel to natural disasters or conflict-ridden parts of the world, or otherwise hazardous locations as news warrants.Responsibilities Include: Handle all day-to-day operations of the NBC Field Operations warehouse including personnel and equipment.All shipping, receiving, and logistics that pass through the warehouse.Load and unload freight, with equipment and without, in a safe manner. Equipment to include, but not limited to, forklifts, stock pickers, and powered pallet jacks. Ensure broadcast technical equipment is operational and functioning properly. Must be willing and able to work under tight deadline pressure, including immediate response to breaking news.Work with the warehouse team to make sure that we remain in good supply of all consumable and expendable supplies.Maintain a safe and clean working environment.Perform other duties as assigned and as needed.

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