The laborer is responsible of maintaining a clean and organized workshop while supporting the fabrication and installation teams comprised of various trades. The Laborer ensures that work areas are free of debris and clutter, equipment and work surfaces are regularly blown off and cleaned and that all walking surfaces are regularly swept and maintained free of debris. Job DutiesResponsible for maintaining a clean and organized work area.Works in collaboration with the Labor Foreman and other area Leads.Responsible for receiving and stocking construction materials.Provide additional support for loading, unloading of project elements.Communicates to the Labor Foreman possible problems within the facilities or area that they have been assigned to.Provide preventative maintenance to equipment and tools.Provides additional support to the team of Set Builders, Carpentry personnel and other trades as needed.Responsible for ensuring the proper and safe usage of assigned company vehicle(s) to and from studios and other different locations as required.If assigned to a location other than the Fabrication Shop the laborer will be responsible of completing any other tasks assigned to them by this location's leader (Carpenter Foreman, Fab Shop Manager, Set Builder Foreman, Carpenter Supervisor or any other recognized supervisor).Assist in the loading, transport and unloading of all elements built and / or assembled.Erects scaffolding or sets up ladders to perform tasks above ground level.Operates aerial platforms & material handling equipment as required and permitted subject to certifications and qualifications. Ensures that all work is done under the technical guidelines and operations procedures of the Telemundo Fabrication Shop and adheres to EHS/OSHA regulations and procedures.Follows policies, applicable laws, and regulations to protect his/her own health and safety as well as that of other workers, the public, and the environment.Presents ideas that support EHS goals and policies to the business or EHS leaders.Raises concerns about possible violations of EHS policies to managers, business and EHS Leader.The laborer will assist in the receiving and stocking of all construction materials, while supporting the Labor Foreman with general maintenance of the facility, equipment, and tools.This role is not limited to this specific trade and if his / her abilities and knowledge allow movement thru other trades in order to provide support. Works under the direct supervision of the Fabrication Shop Manager and is responsible for completing any other tasks as assigned by supervisor.

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